iOS App Development that leads with design to create elegant user experiences

Apple’s iOS platform has undergone a significant transformation since the iPhone was first released on the 27th of June 2007, and it continues to evolve with major releases occurring every year.

Launching our first app in 2010 iSolve Mobility has been at the forefront of iOS software development since the very beginning, and have supported our client’s apps through this ongoing evolution.

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What we do?

We build magnificent mobile experiences for iPhones and iPad development.

It’s no exaggeration that iPhone users (a) use more apps, (b) buy more apps, and (c) spend more in apps. In fact, the vast majority of money transacted through a mobile device, on a native mobile operating system’s payment gateway is via iOS (iPhone and iPad).

iSolve Mobility is a Johannesburg based iOS app development and design company, that transforms your innovative business ideas into reality. We specialize in delivering innovative, robust, scalable, intuitive, and user-friendly native and cross-platform iphone/ipad mobile applications. We even boast inhouse developers that have developed iOS apps when OS 4 was still brand new!

Why Develop for an iPhone and iPad?

Many clients often ask us why should they get their apps on iOS platform, so here are few reasons why you should go for iOS App Development Services.

Why Choose iOS Platform?

  • Great Consumer Experience: iOS offers an intuitive: and easy to use interface, delivering more happy users.
  • Business Expansion: iOS is consistent across all Apple devices, which means app development takes less time and less money
  • Safe Transactions: Not only does IOS have more security, IOS device users are serious about paying for good apps
  • Tablets: iOS App development has a clear advantage over Android when it comes to software for tablets. Using Xcode, it’s also much easier to migrate an app from a phone to a tablet and vice versa than it is when developing for Android.

How Can we Help you?

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Most of our iPhone applications were developed specifically for business clients and we cannot disclose too much information about them due to the client privacy that we treasure. But some of our applications include apps for industries such as:

  • Field services and job card apps
  • Business and finance
  • Sports apps
  • School communication app
  • Barcode and QR scanning apps
  • Apps that integrate with existing legacy systems like ERP, Accounting and CRM software
  • Games
  • Property management and property inspection apps

For iPhone apps we develop on Mac’s with XCode in objective C or Xamarin if a native application is required. We also do cross platform development with HTML and make use of Cordova (Phonegap), NodeJS, Angular, Bootstrap, Onsen UI and more…

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iSolve Mobility Advantage

Designing, Developing, And Deploying future ready iOS mobile applications

  • Easy upgrade & migration of apps to iPhone 6 and 7
  • Experienced team of professionals
  • High quality development
  • Complete transparency & clear communication
  • Use of latest tools, technologies & methodologies
  • Confidentiality and security


Interesting Facts About iOS

  • 1. iOS was first released in 2007
  • 2. More than 800 000 Apps on Apple Store
  • 3. Apple has more than a billion users
  • 4. iOS 9 installed on more than 75% of devices