Android app Development

Why develop for Android?

Android is huge. Currently there are around 1,6 billion android users globally, which accounts for roughly 85% of all smartphones running it as an operating system. While iOS leads in terms of revenues, Android users are by far the most numerous users in the world, and if you are looking to reach that largest audience possible and monetise them, then Android leads the way.

Aside from market size and positive revenue growth, what makes Android so successful as an operating system is its less restrictive open-source development nature, allowing it to offer tons of features not yet present on iOS.

Publishing your app on Google Play is also incredibly easy. Google Play also provides a robust

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Android design and Fragmentation

One of the main issues that arise when developing and Android app is that Unlike iOS, the Android ecosystem is a highly fragmented environment, with many different flavours and versions of devices and operating systems created by many different hardware manufacturers.

Developing and optimising the app for each device can be intimidating, to say the least! It took Instagram over 18 months to release an Android app –  for a reason.

Our in-depth understanding of the unique requirements and conventions of this platform means we take fragmentation very seriously. In order to deliver engaging, enjoyable, intuitive user interfaces and experiences that achieve seamless performance across all devices, we maximize testing for all available screen sizes, devices and android operating systems.

iSolve Capabilities

  • Experienced developers: iSolve Mobility specialises in Android App development. With our experienced team, we can work with you from the initial app idea to the final delivery to the Android app marketplace.
  • More than just developers: Each project is driven by experienced product manager. Some of our project managers and developers have even had their own successful start-ups.
  • UX/UI Design: Teams are composed of experienced UX/UI designers who ensure your app will not only work well, but also provide an engaging and addictive user experience.
  • Track Record: We have developed countless Android apps for a range of clients in a variety of industries, from retail to finance to Sport. Visit our Portfolio here.
  • Web Development & Integration: Leverage over 10 years of advanced web app development experience to integrate your Android Business app, or let us provide the relevant integration code to your current web developers.
  • Expertise: Utilising the Android framework and writing in Java, we are experts in the rapidly-expanding world of Mobile Applications. For Android Development we use Android Studio, IntelliJ, Eclipse or Xamarin depending on your requirements.
We also do cross platform development with HTML and make use of Cordova (Phonegap), NodeJS, Angular, Bootstrap, Onsen UI, Ionic and to develop applications that need to run on any platform.

How Can we Help you?

Though we are a Johannesburg based Android app development company, many of our current clients are located in other South African cities including Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and Bloemfontein. Regardless of your location, we’re able to make the required arrangements to ensure it’s a smooth process for you.

Most of our iPhone applications were developed specifically for business clients and we cannot disclose too much information about them due to the client privacy that we treasure. But some of our applications include apps for industries such as:

  • Field services and job card apps
  • Business and finance
  • Mobile commerce
  • Sports apps
  • School or organisation communication app
  • Barcode and QR scanning apps
  • Apps that integrate with existing legacy systems like ERP, Accounting and CRM software
  • Games
  • Property management and property inspection apps
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Interesting Facts About Android

  • 1. Android was not Found by Google.
  • 2. Android is open source.
  • 3. 1.43 Miilion Android Apps on Google Play
  • 4. Android has more than a billion users

OS Market Share in South Africa

  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Apple iOS
  • Windows
  • Symbian
  • Other

Mobile is….as close as you can get to your consumers in South Africa

With an audience of 37.2m adults in SA, you can reach:
  • 97% or 36m adults through a cellphone in the household (2.4 phones per household)
  • 39% or 14.6m through voice, SMS or USSD
  • 52% through the internet – with the majority on mobile internet
  • 48% or 17.7m in mobile apps and their mobile browsers