Now is the time to invest in App development in Pretoria

Mobile apps are taking over, not only in areas of social media and telecommunications, but also in business, shopping, and commerce. Investing in mobile app development for your South African and even international business is essential for its growth.

The average time to develop an App in Pretoria, Cape Town and Johannesburg or anywhere in South Africa for that matter can take anywhere from 6 months to a year or even longer to complete. Duration of development depends on the complexity of the mobile app.

Choosing the right mobile application development partner is clearly an important decision, getting it wrong can be an expensive exercise!

With this in mind, wouldn’t it make sense to undertake your app development in Pretoria, with a team that is known for delivering on time, every time?

At iSolve Mobility, we are a team of committed developers and we really love what we do. Working with a variety of different clients, helping them to develop their ideas and bring an incredible app to life, is an exciting journey. Developing cost effective, bug-free apps for start-ups and large companies alike, within a reasonable time frame is what we are specialists in.

Our dedicated team of professional app developers have over 100 successful projects under their belt and know exactly what it takes to create an app that people are going to love to use. Our team of expert app developers develop beautiful, effective and highly impactful apps which perform perfectly for users and businesses alike. Our wealth of business knowledge, attention to detail and experience means that when you are looking for a company to handle your app development in Pretoria, to build and develop an app that offers a seamless user experience with the functions that you need to deliver – from online chat through to e-commerce. What’s more, we have the skills to make sure even the most technical and function-heavy apps look absolutely beautiful – yet get delivered on time.

Why should you invest in mobile app development?

As more and more South Africans are increasingly accessing the internet via their mobile devices, owning an app that could be sitting in the palm of every client’s hand, is important. Why you might ask? Here are eight reasons why.

  1. Reach a Local or Global Audience

In the digital age, nearly everyone has internet access, and with most internet traffic coming from mobile devices, owning a Mobile application allows you to promote market expansion and increasing opportunities for business growth.

  1. Accessibility

Having a responsive website for your business is good but investing in mobile app development will let you virtually put your business in their pocket lets customers to access all they need about your business in one tap, anywhere and anytime.

  1. On-the-go advertising

Whether they’re at home, commuting, or at work, a mobile application reinforces your business and brand, making consumers more likely to come to you for purchases.

  1. Brand Recognition

Mobile app development in Pretoria can do wonders for brand promotion. A great, well-developed, user-friendly mobile app will leave a lasting impression on customers and help build a reputable brand.

  1. Increased Customer Engagement

Mobile apps give consumers a seamless, all-in-one experience with your business, putting your business right in the palm of their hand. This efficient communication helps greatly in improving the relationship between consumer and business.

  1. Better customer service

A well-developed mobile app provides customers with everything they need to know about your product, as well as a quick method of communication with staff. Consumers will be able to make mobile transactions, get notified about offers and announcements, view product reviews, and so much more, all without entering a single store.

  1. Increased sales and mobile transactions

With the advent of services like SnapScan, and Pay you online commerce is growing popular. Investing in mobile app development in South Africa is therefore essential for better sales.

  1. Easier Market Research

Market research is essential to businesses. Mobile apps are a quick and effective way to collect consumer data and consumer preferences. This will help you present them with content that they’re interested in, giving them a user experience tailored to their needs.

iSolve Mobility is a pretoria based app developer that has a firm understanding of the application design and development process and can help you maximise the opportunities this new exciting media has to offer your business.

To know more, visit our app development service page.

App development in Pretoria doesn’t get better than this!

At iSolve Mobility, we know that no two businesses are the same. With our strong expertise in digital solutions, we’re able to create bug-free apps that are easy to navigate, and which has all of the information that you could possibly want to share with your clients. We design, develop and launch mobile applications for all platforms, including iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. With your entrepreneurial idea and our technical expertise, we can build a great mobile application regardless of the operating system that they use.

So you are considering getting an app for your company, but you are not yet fully convinced about the power of the app. Let us be the first to tell you that your app is going to change the way that you do business, and it is going to change the way that your clients talk to you.

Interested in our Pretoria based Mobile App Development services?

Whether you have a new app project that you would like to progress with, an existing app that needs bringing up to date, or assistance with conceptualising and planning for the mobile technology that your business needs, we are here to assist.

If you are ready to take charge of your marketing, you need to invest in an app. Contact iSolve Mobility for a no-obligation chat and to get the app development process going!

Ready to change the way you market your company? Contact iSolve Mobility today and enjoy the benefits of working with the best app development in Pretoria!