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At this stage of the process, we will have a pretty good idea about what your app will look like and what features you want to include.

Wireframing refers to the visual architecture of the app; what will go on each page and how it all links together. It is a crucial step that allows us to determine the information hierarchy of your app and makes it easier for us to plan out the content and user experience.

This app ‘blueprint’ allows the development team to understand and interpret what you are after.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is the process in which together we decide what information and functionality needs to be presented within your app and how it is organized.

Typically, this process begins by writing down a list of features you want the app to have and the functions you we want the app to perform, as well as a list of what needs to be displayed were in the app.

These are the basic building blocks with which we will build the wireframes.


Next, we begin creating screens and assigning each functions and information to be displayed. Wireframes make the process of knowing how to create an app fundamentally easier, by visually stripping the product down and allowing all involved to focus purely on functions and user interactivity.

Developers need to understand how your proposed app will work. But simply explaining to them verbally or textually leaves the vast majority of functions down to their imagination. Wireframes can be extremely helpful in squaring that circle.

This process often takes place on whiteboards or paper initially. You want to make changes here, rather than later in the process, because it is much cheaper to erase marks on a whiteboard than to rewrite code.

While initially wireframing may add a slight overhead to the project it clears the path for a smooth UI Design and Development process to follow, ultimately saving you time and money.


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