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A big mistake that most App Developers make is to go straight Wireframing and UI/UX sessions right into development.

We believe that the design phase for mobile applications should include a prototyping stage, this is one of our unique USP’s that sets us apart in the industry.

It is at this point that users can “play” with your ideas and concepts and give you valuable feedback that shapes the final designs before you begin development. This can save time and money in development and create products that offer significantly better user experiences than ones that move from concept to production with no evaluative stages in between.

What is a prototype app?

Simply put, an app prototype is a basic version of an app you plan to create, it allows you to create a working model of your product so that it can be explored and tested by users before you expend valuable development time on creating the actual product.

Why should you invest in a prototype app?

There are many reasons why investing in a prototype app is a wise choice.

Investing in a prototype app can save time and money, as there is nothing more frustrating than realizing you missed something critical in the planning stages, or worse, invested heavily in a function that you don’t need in the final version of the app.

A prototype application can show you issues that you didn’t know would be an issue, allowing you to correct them before developing the final version

iSolve Mobility can develop your prototype mobile app effectively

Just like apps themselves, there are many app development companies out there that offer prototyping services. However, not all these companies are created equal. With our creative team’s years of programming and app development experience, iSolve Mobility can make any mobile app prototype a reality.

With our up-to-date industry knowledge and cutting-edge equipment, software should be the only app prototype maker you consider. Instead of trying to figure out how to make a prototype, you can rely on us to do it well for your company!


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