Your Project Starts Here: Pre-Planning and Project Scoping.

As cliched as it sounds, all great apps began as ideas.

Because it’s so important to get it right the first time, there must be a careful ramp-up to building an app, especially at the enterprise level. Even the most ground-breaking ideas need careful planning and strategic implementation.

iSolve’s creative and technical teams will sit with you over a few cups of coffee to discuss your idea, but before you approach a designer, developer or development firm, you should come prepared with:

  • A Good Understanding of the User (Your Target Market)
  • Answers to questions such as: “What does this app do?”, “What unique problem does it solve? “What is the business case?”, and more
  • Early wireframes- hand drawn or otherwise, and Visual architecture (sitemap) of your app
  • A budget (Money set aside for your project)
  • Commitment to spend time on creating your project (You’ll need to be involved in the process)
  • Your research; is there already an app on the market similar to the one you are thinking to build?  If so, what will yours do better?

Pre-Planning for how to build the App.

The first phase of any project is often the most important.  When building a mobile app, it’s critical to take the time to go through the necessary planning steps.

Once we have validated your idea and understood your market, we can move on to establishing the goals and objectives of your app, before moving on to scoping the project.

Project Scoping

During the early stages, it is important to conduct several consultations with our development team in order to properly scope the project and outline expectations.

This stage of the process will also help determine whether the project is charged on a time-based model or for a flat fee. If the project is charged on a time-based model, it is extremely important to have clear deliverables outlined from the start.

At the end of this process, we will have the scope of work mapped out, set timelines and deliverables in place that match your expectations.

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