“Where do I start?” – “What do I need to know?” – “How does the process work?”

These might be some of the questions running through your mind if you have an idea for an app that you’re looking to get developed.

App development can be an extremely challenging and lengthy process that, at times, involve too many functions for one person to complete effectively.

The bottom line is, it’s hard to make a good app.

If you haven’t created an app before or you are confused about what the process might entail, do not concerned our specialists are here to guide you all the way from idea to store shelves. Here’s how we work:

Step 1 – Concept Discussion

Our creative and technical teams will sit with you over a few cups of coffee to discuss your idea.

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Step 2 – Wireframes

Once we fully understand your requirements, we will draw up a wireframe to map out the screens and program flow.

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Step 3 – UX / UI Design

Our user experience and design specialists will then craft the user interface.

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Step 4 – Prototype Development

Before we start coding, we’ll build a prototype so that you can feel the product and finalise any last minute changes.

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Step 5 – Coding

Once the scope and UI is finalised, our specialist developers will delve into coding your application.

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Step 6 – Testing & QA

Finally, before launching we’ll test your project in our test centre with access to hundreds of devices.

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Step 7 – Launch

Your polished product will be submitted and pushed through approval by the Apple & Goole app stores.

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Step 8 – Post Launch Maintenance

Your app is live on the app stores. Congratulations! iSolve can help with ongoing maintenance and updates for your app to keep it fresh and your users engaged.

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